Experienced Finance Directors

CFO-led means one of our experienced Finance Directors will oversee the delivery our virtual finance team services.

We want to be involved in your business day to day, you’ll get the best value from us that way and we can help plan for any finance opportunities early.

We’re experienced FDs. We’ve worked in a variety of industries running finance teams of all sizes and we know what great looks like.

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then maybe you need a portfolio CFO:

  • How can I better manage cashflow?
  • What grants and tax reliefs are available?
  • How should we manage foreign exchange risk?
  • Do I need an invoice approval system?
  • How should a purchase order process work?
  • How should I set my budget and when to reforecast?

What our client's say:


Green and Purple are a brilliant company that I am absolutely delighted to be working with.

Carrie Wooten – Managing Director

We whole heartedly recommend Green and Purple. The combination of being fun to work with, always available and the high level of expertise they have given has been fantastic.

Tom Hardy – Manifesto Studios

Green and Purple are extremely knowledgeable, they know all the new rules and regulations and they have a great team ethos. I really feel they support us on the journey of growth.

Suzanne Davis – Chair Mentors International

Green and Purple work seamlessly behind the scenes as part of your organisation and they take time to understand your business.

Nadav Shmuel – Precise TV

Green and Purple respond to all of our enquires and I cannot thank them enough for what they do to support us.

Carrie Wooten – Rise

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