Who we are

We’re passionate about understanding your goals and supporting your growth plans.

We believe we’ve got something unique to offer and we are keen to share that message and develop our business.

We’re part of the Ashcroft Partnership group. We joined forces at the end of 2019 in order to be able to offer specialist tax advisory and corporate finance services that Ashcroft do so well.

Ashcroft fits into our vision of the life cycle of an entrepreneur. We’ll work with you as you start up and grow. As your business gets bigger, Ashcroft will be there to support you with audits, setting up share option schemes and (when you’re ready) being able to help you sell your business and look after the wealth that you’ve created.

If you think we could do something better let us know, we welcome feedback and are keen to ensure you get the service you need.

We are here to build the very best virtual finance teams for entrepreneurs.

Meet the team

Ashcroft Partnership

Ashcroft and Green and Purple share the same values.

Ashcroft take great pride in the relationships they have built with hundreds of successful clients, having been part of their growth story for decades and, in some cases, generations.

Ashcroft’s mission is to add real, discernible value and to do it while enjoying working with their clients.

What our clients say

We whole heartedly recommend Green and Purple. The combination of being fun to work with, always available and the high level of expertise they have given has been fantastic.


Tom Hardy – Manifesto Studios

Green and Purple are extremely knowledgeable, they know all the new rules and regulations and they have a great team ethos. I really feel they support us on the journey of growth.


Suzanne Davis – Chair Mentors International

Green and Purple work seamlessly behind the scenes as part of your organisation and they take time to understand your business.


Nadav Shmuel – Precise TV

Green and Purple respond to all of our enquires and I cannot thank them enough for what they do to support us.


Carrie Wooten – Rise